Dear Students ,

Service before self is the motto of the Sindri College , Sindri , Dhanbad  and we believe it should be followed by everyone. This thinking should be inculcated in everyone, not just spoken out loud. Students must learn to share and care and become sensitive towards the world around them. Sensitivity is the ability to look at people's problems as your own, having a heart that beats for the welfare of all, the magnanimity of character to stand by a friend in troubled times,

 Minimum Disclosure Norms

the nobility of a soul that makes sure that it radiates happiness and generates a smile on all faces, a heartfelt compassion for all bonds of humanity and the grace and humility to bow before the Almighty. Social norms are the rules that a society uses for appropriate and inappropriate values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. These are informal rules that are not written. When an individual deviates from these conventional and social rules of society, stress sets in. We can learn to control our response to situations and develop techniques that will reduce the effect of stress on our mental and physical health

Dear students, you are lucky to be studying in one of the finest college in the District. Your education system offers a variety of ways in which you can recognize and hone your talents. The management of the College is always ready to support your productive Endeavour's. Take full advantage of all the avenues that are open to you and you will soon find that there is no place for any kind of negative stress in your life.

Develop within yourselves a burning desire to achieve and keep alive the child like curiosity for learning something new every day, and I promise that there will never be a dull moment in your life.

We look forward to working in partnership with all of you, and helping each of our students have successful years ahead.

All the best !!!!!


Dr K. K. Pathak

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